You see these things all the time at the end of a file on your computer. For example, .txt, .html, .php, .dll, .jpg, .png, .js, and many many more. These are called filename extensions. They help your computer figure out what type of information is in the file itself. It also help the operating system choose a program to run the file with. Filename extensions are important pieces of information to keep things running smoothly on your system.

Featured Blog Post -- Welcome!
Hello Everyone!  Welcome to the first blog post on this website. This is where the journey to share my experiences in the world of online marketing and the building of websites and digital assets begins.

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Hello and welcome to!  This is a place where we discuss the ins and outs of building online marketing assets.  We share tools, resources, and tips and tricks to help move your project forward and to help grow your business.  Thanks for stopping by and fee free to contact us if there are any questions.