The term export is commonly used when talking about moving data from one database to another. It can also be used in reference to other applications such as Microsoft Word, or Adobe Photoshop, where they have export functions to save a file in a format other than what they use by default. Here are a few examples of export, as it relates to what you may find when working on the internet. Example 1. You have a blog on a free service, but you decide to host your own blog using Wordpress. In order to move all your content from one website to another, you must export the data and import into Wordpress. Example 2. You create an image in Adobe Photoshop and save it. The image saves as .psd, which is the default format for Photoshop. You need to post the image as a .png on your blog, so you export as .png. Essentially writing the file as a different format than what Photoshop usually uses.