How to Podcast: The Overview Article

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to our podcasting and recording tutorials.

Are you looking to learn more about audio recording? Are you thinking about starting a podcast? Maybe you are new to audio recording and would like to learn how people produce professional sounding audio from their home studios. If this is you, then you are in the right place.

Niche Site Challenge: Master Article

Hello Everyone.  Welcome to the master article for the Niche Site Challenge that I am currently participating in with a group from  This article will contain links to all the individual articles and tutorials that will be published regarding this Niche Site Challenge.

Mastering Twitter Series


Custom Post Template for Wordpress, Let's Make it Interesting!

If you are reading this, it is safe to assume you already know how to create a post in Wordpress.  What we are going to look at in this tutorial, is how to create a more interesting layout for our blog post.  Entering mainly text or an image or two is okay, but what if we are trying to stand out... be different with the layout of a blog post.  The answer is simple... you need to learn about HTML and to enter code into the HTML editor.

Wordpress Administration

If you are new to Wordpress, you may look at your new blog and think... How do I add content to this thing?  What do I click on?  Is something missing here?  With Wordpress (and many other applications) there is a basic concept to understand... there is an administration area that is used to add content and manage your blog.

Installing Wordpress

Now we have a lot of the base work out completed.  We have a domain, the hosting solution is locked and loaded... we are on our way to getting a Wordpress blog setup and ready to go.  The first thing to realize is... there is more than one way to install Wordpress.  Generally speaking, we can use automated tools that are supplied by our hosting service, or we can choose to install manually.  Each way works.  The end goal is accomplished by either route.  You may ask yourself...

Download Wordpress

If you made it this far, you're well on your way to hosting your own blog. This is an easy step in the process. In order to host the blog, we need to get the Wordpress files from This is the blog program itself. The steps below will help guide you through the process.

Step 1

Blog for a Cause

Another option with your blog is to focus on a cause or a social issue.  You may decide to make a difference in the world through your writing.  Blogging is a great way to accomplish your goals.  If you decide blogging for a cause is the direction you would like to take, the great thing is you are really engaged in joining a community of people that have made similar choices.  Your blog will be one of many, but you will see how your cause can be strengthened by building awareness and relationships through the written word.

Below are a few blogs that focus on causes in our world.

Hosting Your Own Blog

Hosting your own blog is an exciting step in the world of blogging.  You may have a free blogging service and would like to have your own hosted blog or you may jump right in and decide to take the reigns yourself.  Either way, hosting your own blog is a great way to go.  Here are a few benefits of hosting your own blog:
  • Your own domain
  • You learn more about Wordpress
  • Greater customization flexibility
  • Faster servers, (can vary depending on chosen host)