Turn off Adwords, Pause Those Campaigns.

Turn off Adwords, Pause Those Campaigns.
Recently, I have been involved with a large website re-design project.  There have been many interesting aspects to the project, but one key piece has been the Google adwords campaigns.  These keyword campaigns were created a long time ago and had not been updated, reviewed, or actively maintained on a consistent basis.  When the re-design project started, one of the early tasks was to review the SEO and keyword strategy.  We were surprised that some of the keywords were wildly out of date and that the entire adwords initiative needed to be thoroughly reviewed. The decision was made to pause all the campaigns immediately, so they were all stopped.

Over the next few weeks, traffic dipped slightly, then it slowly started to come back to the previous levels.  I continued to monitor the visitor traffic, but more importantly, the number of qualified leads the website was generating for the sales funnel.  Those numbers also slightly dipped, then came back to a normal level.  The whole process and experience of turning off adwords has had two major effects on the website and the organization. First, real money was saved every month.  Second, the marketing team started to think of new ways to engage its target audience to keep a steady flow of qualified leads coming into the sales funnel.

In conclusion... just consider the consequences of turning off your adwords campaigns.  For some, this may be a bad idea if they have a solid return on investment tied to their campaigns.  But, just ask yourself these questions:
  • How much are you spending per month?
  • How much could you save per year?
  • What others things could you do to drive traffic instead of paying Google?
  • What new activities can you or your marketing department do to make up for any dip in qualified leads?
The answers are out there.  There is life beyond Google Adwords.

Until next time, please leave a comment if there are any questions.
Thanks! Jeremy H.

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