Wordpress Administration

If you are new to Wordpress, you may look at your new blog and think... How do I add content to this thing?  What do I click on?  Is something missing here?  With Wordpress (and many other applications) there is a basic concept to understand... there is an administration area that is used to add content and manage your blog.

Front Page

Below is a screen shot of a typical new Wordpress blog. This is the default page of a new blog. When content is added through the administrative area, it will be published here.

Administrative Area

The adminstration area for Wordpress can be seen below. The admin area is where the bulk of your time will be spent building and managing your blog. Only people with a username and password are allowed to access this area of the blog / website.


In this article, we introduced you to the concept of a public web page and an administration area. The public pages can be accessed by anyone on the internet. The administration area is only for the website owner and other authorized administrators.

Until next time, please leave a comment if there are any questions. Thanks for visiting Pro Media Publishing!

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