Personal Blogs

You could decide that you would like a place to write down your thoughts and keep them online.  Maybe those ideas, thoughts, and writings are shared with the world and maybe not.  Remember... when a blog is posted on the internet... anyone can read what you have published.  You are talking to the world my friend.  There are options.  You can protect blog posts from being viewed.  The use of password protected pages is an advanced feature we will discuss in future articles.

For now, let's just brainstorm about why you would start a personal blog.  If you are into physical exercise, you could keep a log of your training regiment.  You may have a huge project or test on the horizon and a blog could help organize your thoughts, keep notes, and make information available from anywhere.  You could be on a trip and a personal blog would be a good place to write about new experiences and places you have visited.  The list can go on and on.  Below are a few examples of personal sites for you to look over: